Architects, Artists & designers


Vision Branding Solutions has worked with many different architects, interior designers, graphic designers and artists over the years reproducing their concepts,designs and images in different formats and materials. This has been for large international projects and small tiny bespoke pieces.

It has been a privilege to work with some of Ireland's most prestigious firms and artists. 

We are continuing to develop our offering, products and processes through our shared knowledge with our collaborators and experience since the companies founding in 1996. 

Vision has recently been shortlisted for the Irish fit out awards in the 2017 newly created category of "Excellence in Collaboration" with H.J.Lyons.


Reuben fields

Reuben Fields is an award winning photographer who is the grandson of the famous Arthur Fields man on the bridge that was a street photographer who stood on O’Connell Bridge for fifty years taking photos. He unknowingly became the unofficial family photographer of a city. Reubens international imagery is being recreated by Vision in traditional and unique printing processes on glass. This gives the image an extra vivacity and dimension.



Subset are a multidisciplinary Artist Collective with interests ranging from Art, Marketing, Music and Film to Finance, Hospitality and Clothing. Our intention is to assemble a vehicle which will enable the seamless combination of art and commerce through a variety of platforms.



Vision is constantly looking to develop workshops with artists recreating their art in different materials. Recreating their designs and images on textiles, glass, steel, wood, aluminium in flat prints and 3d surface printing gives another dimension to their art.

Currently the studio is working with surface designers who have a heritage of designing and producing their art in rugs, wall coverings and many other materials creating a truly unique style.



Vision's long term relationships with material manufacturers and constant research of new materials and products allow us to offer advice on different materials for recreating the visual communication and practical function of the design. Our design support comes in the form of image procurement, concept development for interior and exterior branding, and CGI rendering for building projects. Visual communications and environmental branding has become an integral part of any modern building and visual communication and graphic design is a seperate yet complimentary discipline to architecture and interior design. 


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