OFFICE BOX for creative studios

OfficeBox provide office Interior solutions to the commercial market in Ireland and Internationally. Our partner, Alea, established in 1973, has become a leading manufacturer of office furniture on the international scene due to its specialization and made to order philosophy. Alea offer furniture solutions from Mid to High end furniture solutions with the ability to completely customise all there ranges to suit any project or specification. OfficeBox have researched, developed relationships and partnerships with leading manufacturers of all types of interior products for the office environment. Our philosophy is to offer control over standard and non-standard products whilst offering a wide range of alternative commercial products to the office market and give Architects, Designers etc a wide scope to offer different solutions to projects and schemes.OfficeBox specify, supply and install across Ireland and internationally. We have recently completed projects in Budapest, Geneva, Poland, UK, and the United States.



Alea is of Italian design heritage, 100% made in Italy and manufacturing a wide range of contract furniture offerings: benching, desking, European systems, complete custom capability, conference rooms, training tables, coffee tables, storage and receptions. Alea can manufacture products that flow very easily among high-end to mid-market to budget solutions based not only on our quality standards, but on our robust range of material offerings that help us achieve a variety of price points.



Scavolini, Italy’s most famous and loved kitchen brand, is launching in Ireland September 2018. Scavolini has a range of over 30 different models and 350 finishes with a focus on design and appearance, the range always in line with the latest trends and the Made In Italy dedication to quality and excellent value for money.

Scavolini has always worked with prestigious designers on the international scene. Nendo, Ora-ïto, Diesel Creative Team, Giugiaro Design, King & Miranda Design, Karim Rashid and Michael Young provide exclusive creations to fuel the firm’s continuous mediation between the most ground breaking, brilliant creativity and what the people of tomorrow really want for their lifestyles.



Knightsbridge Furniture believe in choice, quality and exceptional service. These three basic principles are inherent in all our business activities and together with our market knowledge and service ethos ensure our customers are offered the best furniture solutions.


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We formed Twin in 2007 with a belief that the furniture market deserved better. The challenge of creating something never seen before is what drives us, its our passion. With an open and honest approach, our journey to change the world of furniture began. What makes us unique is our approach of taking a new perspective, creating new rules and discovering new techniques, in order to find that individual solution. Inspired by the great British character, we seek to create furniture that is both influential and memorable. In other words, our furniture has personality.



Buddabag is not just a common beanbag. Filled with the highest quality memory foam, it shapes to your body and adapts to your weight. It’s 100% made in Ireland and extremely durable. You can choose between more than 40 combinations between size, fabric and colour: design your own Buddabag!



Nook is a mobile work & meeting pod for finding headspace & concentrating, making phone & skype calls, holding small meetings & interviews, networking, dining and so much more. Nook enables more flexible, entrepreneurial, and collaborative work styles. Use Nook to increase and improve workspace wellbeing, efficiency & flexibility of space, and productivity and communication. Nook pods offer a quiet ‘headspace’, an oasis of calm in the noisy workspace or event environment.



Interstuhl are one of the leading manufacturers in Europe for workplace seating solutions, offering German engineered, innovative chairs at a UK price point.

Interstuhl are a family run business with its HQ based in Germany. Our in-house R & D department and close relationships with independent ergonomic institutions, assure that our seating solutions capture the latest technological trends and meet the highest environmental standards. Design, comfort, and ergonomic support are accompanied with an extended 10 year warranty as standard.

Interstuhl’s local commitment, as well as the company’s international focus, with showrooms and partners worldwide, have been one of the key success factors in helping to cater for different global client needs for over 50 years.



Since 1947 that, with ideas, sketches, modules, features, designs, ingenuity, 3D and a lot of innovation, we´ve been building, piece by piece, a unique and exemplary story  in the Portuguese market of office furniture. While upholding the legacy of a past designed based on tradition of handmade and deeper knowledge of industry, FAMO is proud to always be a step ahead of the trends, hold hands with technology, side by side with their customers. Working together goes far beyond a slogan, that´s a daily motivating force.

The means to reach the end  is crucial – no detail is overlooked, no idea left to explore. More than thinking outside the box,FAMO reinvents and rebuild this box, a box where everything you desire in a workspace fits… and more.



Interna coordinates a complex contracting activity within an exclusive sector; it offers a turnkey service including interior civil works, systems, finishes ad decorations in addition to fixed and loose furniture. Its scope of work spans from the executive planning to the production of all fixed and loose components of the project, from logistics to installation on site, from final testing to post sales assistance, always in conformity with quality, prices and deadlines agreed upon.

Thanks to the technical and managerial experience acquired over the years and to the constant cooperation with major hotel chains, prestigious designers and respected international purchasing companies, Interna today is active in many areas of the large supply contracts sector. Hotels, bars, restaurants, private clinics, yachts, luxury boutiques, museums, wellness centres, banks, offices and private residences are just some examples of the sectors where Interna is involved in.