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Graphic Concrete

Graphic Concrete is a patented technology that has been used extensively in projects across Europe, the Nordics and Australia. The technology transfers patterns — custom or stock — as a surface retarder via membrane placed at the bottom of the form. Concrete is cast atop the membrane. After the concrete is cured and extracted from the form, the retarder is washed away with a high-pressure washer, revealing an image that results from the contrast between the fair faced and the exposed aggregate surface. Selection of various aggregates and pigments can dramatically expand possibilities in the finished surface. This Graphic Concrete technique offers architects the versatility to deliver distinctive, intriguing and iconic imagery to precast concrete surfaces. The Graphic Concrete membrane is environmentally friendly and the patterned concrete surface is very durable and virtually maintenance free.


The Scent Company

The Scent Company supplies scenting solutions and professional electronic scent diffuser machines to brands seeking to build engagement by connecting with people at a sensory level. Our purpose is to create emotionally driven customer experiences by associating brands with a fragrance that will be cherished and remembered. With over 75% of emotions triggered by smell this unique approach can change perceptions, making experiences more enjoyable, more emotional and more memorable.

LED ball 2m.jpg

creative led

The 360 LED shaped screens maximise audience /customer engagement. Perfect in areas with high footfall – such as in a corporate HQ receptions and atria, airports, shopping malls, sport stadia and exhibition centres. The 360 screens are eye-catching communication platforms prove very effective for product launches, movie premieres, fashion shows, exhibitions, corporate and promotional events. There are many options and styles of 360 screens available – spheres shapes of six sided cubes which can be suspended from ceilings or floor mounted.



HOAU is a new kind of keyless access control and unlocking system for hotels. Guests receive their access PINs and assigned room numbers the day of arrival in a SMS and Email message on their mobile devices. To unlock the room the unique PIN is entered on a tablet touch screen on the wall next to the room's door.


Living Walls

We can create a living wall for both inside and out. The living wall will give your building a bespoke look as well as creating an eco friendly building. We also provide the ANS Grufe kit which will transform your flat roof into a habitat for biodiversity and at the same time enhancing the look of your roof.

The use of a living wall along with the ANS living canvas or ANS Moss Art can enhance the wellbeing of the workplace along with other sustainable benefits. Our vision is to have more living walls throughout our cities and help soften the architecture and encourage biodiversity back into our cities.