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Graphic Concrete is a patented technology that has been used extensively in projects across Europe, the Nordics and Australia. The technology transfers patterns — custom or stock — as a surface retarder via membrane placed at the bottom of the form. Concrete is cast atop the membrane. After the concrete is cured and extracted from the form, the retarder is washed away with a high-pressure washer, revealing an image that results from the contrast between the fair faced and the exposed aggregate surface. Selection of various aggregates and pigments can dramatically expand possibilities in the finished surface. This Graphic Concrete technique offers architects the versatility to deliver distinctive, intriguing and iconic imagery to precast concrete surfaces. The Graphic Concrete membrane is environmentally friendly and the patterned concrete surface is very durable and virtually maintenance free.

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The Flavour of Italy Group was founded in 2005 by two Italian entrepreneurs: Maurizio Mastrangelo and Marco Giannantonio and since then it has been operating combining tradition and innovation and promoting the culture of Italian food and wine in Ireland. The success of the Group comes from various factors that determine its strength and value and that represent important distinctive features on the market. The Flavour of Italy Group operate in Dublin and in Italy and has 2 head offices. One in the Irish capital which includes the Italian School of Cooking, Flavour of Italy Catering, Pinocchio Italian restaurant and Wine Bar and one in Italy, in Campobasso that houses the administrative offices and the travel agency Flavour of Italy Travel.

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pinnochio's restaurant

The Flavour of Italy Group aims to develop the Italian food and wine culture in an authentic and innovative way. We are committed to offer to all our costumers a complete and satisfying experience through services that reach their needs and a selection of the best Italian food and wine to disclose the flavour, the aroma and the colours of Italy. We want to give our costumers physical and mental wellbeing through an emotional experience and a healthy diet of Mediterranean cuisine. As a result of our commitment, costumers will reward us offering us the opportunity to gain leadership in the field we operate in and growth in the profit and value of the Company. This also allows our people, our members and the community where we live and work to prosper.



The Italian Firm Synpro Avvocati d’impresa is made up of a team of a company lawyers. The vantage point is the specialised skill in approaching the different areas of corporate law offering all-encompassing legal consultancy services. The experience and skills also enable the lawyers to provide tailor made solutions and management of legal issues arising in day to day experiences. The firm also specialises in international commercial and contract law, transport law, equity and capitalisation. The studio’s clients are active in the design, furniture, coatings, mechanics, and technology industries. The firm has main offices in Italy.