The studio is a collaboration hub for designers, architects and contractors to come and find new products under one roof. Every company in our studio acts as collaborators and partners sharing product knowledge and information on best practice to deliver design led, bespoke customisable products for our clients

Our Studio Gallery

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Our Global Reach

With over 40 market leading brands from various countries operating within our studio, we have the ability to deliver our unique offering to all corners the globe.

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See below a selection of our collaborators

Environmental branding for offices, retail, exhibitions,
hotels & restaurants.


We are a creative firm dedicated to transforming commercial, retail and office spaces into inspirational environments for staff members and clients.

Our clients have been using us to implement their branding needs across many media in their different branches around the world.

We deal with every project with a unique approach, adapting our successful model to our clients priorities and to the local cultures. Our international network allows us to implement locally any branding project around the world, delivering the highest quality
on deadline. 

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OfficeBox work with a wide range of office manufacturers across the world.


OfficeBox are a furniture solutions provider based in Ballymount providing office Interiors solutions to the commercial market. 

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We work to improve the quality of life in the kitchen by raising the standards of both stylistic and functional aspects, in full accordance with our core values.


Vita Italiana presents Scavolini at Vision Creative Studios. Scavolini has been producing kitchens for over 50 years. Vast experience built up over time, responding to the tastes and trends of almost three generations of consumers. From a small workshop the company has grown to major industrial status, pursuing its growth aims through all the necessary stages with toughness and determination with absolute respect for the public at large, and in harmony with the needs of its surrounding area.
Its history - a crescendo of initiatives reflecting its ability to adapt innovatively to changes in taste, lifestyle and the market and the advent of each wave of new technologies - is a striking example of corporate growth, nowadays taken as the benchmark model for the entire industry.

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Alea has become a leading manufacturer of office furniture on the international
scene due to its specialization.


Alea offers a wide range of high quality products from executive and managerial collections to stylish operating systems. Our mission is helping people to operate in an attractive and efficient working environment. Alea is capable of providing tailor made solutions to meet specific customer requirements and needs. 

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 A comprehensive offering of market leading brands. Delivering high end acoustic solutions to the contract market

Vision Acoustics work with a variety of market leading suppliers in the acoustic market, creating a comprehensive offering which allows architects and designers to have creative control over their acoustic solutions.


Love Décor's professional design service helps you through the entire production process, from concept to finished product.


 Love Décor offers endless possibilities to translate your ideas into beautiful bespoke pieces, perfectly suited to enhance any interior, whether its in the residential sector, hospitality industry, office, retail or education sector. 

Our in house studio of experienced designers and production experts work together with you to add a distinctive stamp to any interior. Our production team continuously explore new production processes and methods to express creativity and design in a wide range of materials. Our niche and specialist printing machinery allow us to evolve our products and meet your client's ever changing briefs.

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We Love Comfort


We love our creature comforts and we know you do too, so that’s why we set about bringing the incredible Buddabag to life! With plenty of passion, knowledge and a little touch of magic we lovingly handcrafted the Buddabag with ultra-comfy memory foam so that it moulds to the exact shape of your body, allowing you to feel like you’re floating on a fluffy cloud of epic comfort.

Handmade in Ireland, we’re very proud of our Buddabags and we hope you and your family will love them as much as we do! 

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